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When should I change my furnace filter?

We recommend rotating your filters monthly. Doing so will allow air to circulate better and prevent backup.

How often should I receive HVAC maintenance?

It would be best if you had your HVAC system inspection twice yearly. Most home and business owners choose spring and fall for their maintenance. Our fall checkups prepare heating systems for the winter, while spring maintenance readies air conditioning units for the summer months.

My HVAC system makes noise. Is this normal?

HVAC motors hum naturally. You may often hear air circulating through your vents and ductwork. You don’t need to worry about noises like these. However, unusual or obnoxious rattling and hissing should concern and motivate you to schedule an inspection.

Is it normal for boilers to make noise?

You may hear your home or office boiler pop or click as it warms your water. However, any loud noise, such as banging or booming, is unnatural and warrants an inspection.

Do you clean air ducts?

No, cleaning air ducts correctly requires specialty equipment. But we will gladly provide you with references if you need your ducts cleaned.

What should I do with my A/C during Winter?

You don’t necessarily need to do any preventative work. If you want to maintain your A/C’s good condition during the winter, we suggest putting a tarp over it during fall and winter to prevent snow and leaves from entering it. Remove the tarp before turning on the condenser again. Keeping the tarp on while the air conditioning operates could cause the unit to overheat and could result in damage.

Is my A/C leaking refrigerant?

Signs that your air conditioning leaks include delayed or longer cooling cycles and ice on your evaporator coils. Our team will inspect your A/C if you believe it’s leaking.

How do I know what size generator or HVAC system my house needs?

We can size your Generator or your HVAC system for you at no cost. Simply request a quote and we will send a technician out to gather that information!

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